To be fast on the race track, means to get more of your bike potential.
I provide a complete package of services, from data acquisition to precise analysis of your behavior and evaluation of the exact level of efficiency you reach at every meter of the race track.
Want to know did you and how much time you lose at every: braking, entry, mid corner, exit, acceleration, trajectory, due to unused bike potential?
Want to know how to improve it?

The motion on the race track is a cycle of the repeated braking, corner entry, mid corner, exit, and acceleration. Every one of those five phases of the motion is described whit a specific physical parameters. Those parameters values are objective reflection of the pilot skills level. The race track is divided at 8 sectors, every sector consist of the five basic phases of the motion.

After analyzing every braking, entry, cornering, exit and acceleration at every sector at every lap, I will provide in depth explanation of where you loose time, what is the reason and what you needs to do to progress.

In the end you will receive PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE with the best parameters values at every sector for your best lap.

Price for one session – 100euro
Telemetry services since 2008
Over 3000 sessions analyzed
At 45 different race tracks
With 60 different pilots