To be fast on the race track, means to get more of your bike potential. I provide a complete package of services, from data acquisition to precise analysis of your behavior and evaluation of the exact level of efficiency you reach at every meter of the race track. Want to know did you and how much time you lose at every: braking, entry, mid corner, exit, acceleration, trajectory, due to unused bike potential?

How it works?
The race track is divided at 8 sectors

Every sector consist of the fifth basic phases of the motion:
1 Braking – deceleration zone, bike angle less then 15 degrees
2 Corner entry – deceleration zone, bike angle more then 15 degrees, acceleration over -0,2G
3 Mid corner – bike angle more then 45 degrees, acceleration up to 0,2G
4 Corner exit – acceleration zone, over 0,2G, bike angle more then 35 degrees
5 Acceleration – bike angle less then 35 degrees
For each phase of the motion correspond specific parameters that describe the level of efficiency. For example, braking efficiency is measured by the acceleration. The difference between yours and the bike bench mark parameters values, gives you a real idea of your own skill level.

You will find on the table, which is your best and worst braking, entry, cornering, exit, acceleration.
Then you just have to concentrate on those weak points to match your parameters with your best ones.
For example the braking in sector 1 is 99% efficient, but in sector 3 is 88%, which is 11% unused skills potential!

Price for one session – 200euro
Price for 5 sessions same rider – 600euro

Telemetry services since 2008
Over 3000 sessions analyzed
At 45 different race tracks
With 60 different pilots